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Premium Sign Products at Affordable Prices with the Highest Level of Customer Service!

Quality Signs has provided Campbell River and Northern Vancouver Island with unique signs and original designs since 1991. You'll enjoy working with us, we offer everything you'd expect from an established sign shop and a whole lot more!

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Quality Signs has your business covered!

Flag Signs

Flag Signs

With their movement, flag signs are a great way to get attention from moving traffic.

Fence or Wall Signs

Fence or Wall Signs

These mini billboards provide a good amount of real estate to spread your message.

Projecting Flags

Projecting Flags & Banners

Stylish and modern, projecting banners are an affordable way to change out signs seasonally.

Projecting Banners

Projecting Banners

Stylish and modern, projecting banners are an affordable way to change out signs seasonally.

Awning Signs

Awning Signs

Awning signs are visually appealing, weather-resistant signage structures that extend horizontally from a building's facade.

Freestanding & Cedar Signs

Cedar Signs

Cedar sandblasted signs are a common and custom-made outdoor sign crafted from cedar wood that undergoes a sandblasting process to create a textured and visually appealing finish.

Window Signs

Window Signs

Storefront window signs are eye-catching, custom-designed graphics or lettering displayed on the windows of a business to attract attention, promote products or services, and enhance brand visibility.

Window Decals

Window Decals

Storefront window decals are adhesive vinyl graphics or images that can be easily applied to windows, providing a customizable and removable solution for branding, advertising, or decorative purposes.

Flat mounted signs and lettering

Flat-mounted signs and lettering

Flat-mounted signs and lettering are sleek and professionally designed displays that are directly affixed to a flat surface, such as a wall or panel, offering a clean and prominent way to showcase information, branding, or messages.

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are visually striking and attention-grabbing signage solutions that incorporate built-in lighting elements, such as LEDs or neon, to enhance visibility and make a lasting impression, especially during low-light conditions.

Coroplast Signs

Coroplast Signs

Coroplast signs are lightweight, durable, and cost-effective signage options made from corrugated plastic material, commonly used for temporary outdoor displays, real estate signs, or event promotions.

Metal Signs

Metal Signs

Metal signs are durable and versatile signage solutions made from materials such as aluminum, or dibond, offering a sleek and professional appearance for both indoor and outdoor use.

Industrial Signs

Industrial Signs

Industrial signs are specialized and robust signage solutions designed for use in industrial environments, featuring durable materials, clear safety messages, and high-visibility designs to ensure effective communication and hazard prevention.

Sandwich Boards

Sandwich Boards

Sandwich boards, also known as A-frame signs, are portable and double-sided signage displays typically consisting of two hinged panels, allowing businesses to showcase their messages or promotions in a versatile and easily changeable manner to attract foot traffic.

Vehicle Decals

Vehicle decals

Vehicle decals are adhesive graphics or lettering applied to the exterior of vehicles, providing a mobile advertising platform that transforms cars, trucks, or vans into attention-grabbing promotional tools for businesses or personal branding.

Event Sponsorship Signage

Event Sponsorship Signage

Showcase your sponsors and provide a revenue stream for your event.

Large Format Printing & Graphics

Large Format Printing & Wrapping

Get maximum impact from our high-quality, oversized prints.

Freestanding Signs

Large Format Printing & Wrapping

Get maximum impact from our high-quality, oversized prints.

Neon Signs

Neon Signs

Neon signs are vibrant and luminous signage solutions that utilize electrified neon gas to create a distinctive glow, often used for eye-catching displays, vintage aesthetics, and nightlife establishments.

Quality Signs exemplifies what the community of Campbell River is about!

Geoff, Shannon and the team at Quality Signs exemplify what the community of Campbell River is about. Ask any customer they have had and everyone will admit they feel like their one customer.

These guys rock.

These guys rock. They have no interest, other than to help promote your business. Nice People… creative input …..end product A-OK. I have dealt with many sign places in my life…………Geoff is an Artist and a gentleman. Shannon is a walking fountain of truthWhy am I limited to 5 stars…???? I recommend them for any…

The best place…

The best place to go for your advertising. Awesome staff

Wendy is excellent…

Wendy at Quality Signs is excellent. If u want a sign made she will “Nail it” the first time around. NO BACK AND FORTH, NO WEEKS OF EMAILS etc. Needed.

Love this shop!

Love this shop ! But better yet ! I love the Staff ! Friendly helpful and sooo affordable ! Highly recommended

OPEN Monday ~ Friday 9:00Am ~5:00pm
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays

Our innovative sign and graphic solutions will successfully promote your business, get your message out and raise the awareness and recognition of your brand. Complete advertising packages are available, start now…



Wayfinding Signs

Help people reach their desired destinations

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Acrylic Signs

Professional, attractive and durable signs

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Cedar Signs

Traditional craftsmanship, style and beauty…

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Boat Decals

Personalize your boat with graphics

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Corporate Trucks, Cars & SUV’s

A great economic way to advertise your business and look professional.

Learn More about Corporate Trucks, Cars & SUV’s

Neon Signs

Neon has a long history and it’s making a come back.

Learn More about Neon Signs

Reception Signage

Create a warm and inviting entrance

Learn More about Reception Signage

Metal Signs

Durable and long lasting metal sign options

Learn More about Metal Signs

Logo Design

Professional branding and logo designs

Learn More about Logo Design

Industrial Signs

HIgh quality industrial signs, made to order

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Canvas Printing

Our picture or yours! Canvas Printing Custom Sizes Available

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Coroplast Signs

Economical coroplast signage solutions…

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Shirts, Hats & Apparel

High quality and affordable t-shirt printing

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Great quality printing at competitive prices…

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Cool Stuff

Not your average sign…

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